Laundry Room: 16 Useful Things in the Utility Room

Laundry Room

Laundry room – The laundry room (or utility room) is a small room in a house that contains home appliances and tools for cleaning and ironing. Laundry Room Laundry Room Vocabulary Here are some of the words you will learn in this lesson. Detergent Washing machine Clothes dryer Dirty clothes Laundry basket Ironing board Iron Clothesline … Read more

Bathroom Accessories: 30 Things in the Bathroom | Great List of Bathroom Items

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories – The following is a list of English vocabulary words for items that are commonly found in the bathroom. Bathroom Accessories List of Bathroom Items A bathroom is a room where there is a bath, shower, and sometimes a toilet. You can wash or go to the toilet in the bathroom. Here are … Read more

Garden Tools: List of 30 Gardening Tools | Useful Things in the Garden

Garden Tools

Garden tools – Below is the wonderful list of tools and equipment in the garden. This list is very helpful to enhance your English vocabulary. Garden Tools As well as you know, gardens are usually located around your houses. They are natural areas arranged with various flowers, trees, and garden accessories. List of Garden Tools This is … Read more

Kitchenware: Top 100+ Essential Tools & Furniture in the Kitchen


Kitchenware! The kitchen is a part of the house. In the kitchen, there are many essential kitchen utensils, furniture, and appliances. Read this post to learn vocabulary words for items you find in the kitchen. Kitchenware Names of Kitchenware This is the list of names of kitchenware in English. Kitchen Utensils Plate Saucepan Wooden spoon Colander … Read more