Garden Tools: List of 30 Gardening Tools | Useful Things in the Garden

Garden Tools

Garden tools – Below is the wonderful list of tools and equipment in the garden. This list is very helpful to enhance your English vocabulary. Garden Tools As well as you know, gardens are usually located around your houses. They are natural areas arranged with various flowers, trees, and garden accessories. List of Garden Tools This is … Read more

Tools and Equipment: 50+ Items Illustrated | Best List of Tools & Equipment

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment – In this post, you can learn 55 English vocabulary items related to tools and equipment. There are names of common tools and equipment, example sentences, and photos. Tools and Equipment List of Tools & Equipment Hammer Spirit level Toolbox Pincers Nails Toolbelt Chipping hammer Paintbrush Coping saw Ruler Paint roller Wheelbarrow … Read more

Glassware: List of 31 Best Everyday Drinking Glasses


Glassware! Glassware, the decorative article made of glass, often designed for everyday use. Here, we’ll provide a list of names of drinking glasses with examples and pictures. Glassware List of Drinking Glasses Armagnac glass Beer mug Champagne flute Cocktail glass Coffee cup Cognac balloon Collins glass Decanter Egg cup Highball glass Hurricane glass Irish Coffee … Read more