Musical Instruments: List of 50 Popular Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments – In this article, we’ll learn all the essential English vocabulary words for musical instruments with examples and pictures. Let’s start with the words for musical instruments in general. Musical Instruments List of Musical Instruments Accordion Bagpipe Banjo Bass drum Bass guitar Bell Bongo drum Bugle Castanets Cello Clarinet Concertina Conga Cornet Cymbal … Read more

Cleaning Supplies: The Glossary of 40 Cleaning Tools (with Interesting Examples)

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies – This article contains vocabulary words on the topic “cleaning supplies” in the English language. Cleaning Supplies Names of Cleaning Tools You usually clean your house. Here you can find the English words for cleaning supplies. Washing machine Squeegee Dishwasher Dish towel Mop Bleach Dustpan Sponge Detergent Tissue Broom Soap Upright vacuum cleaner … Read more