Cutlery: List of 15 Popular Silverware You Need to Know


Do you want to learn English vocabulary words for cutlery? In this article, we’ll begin by presenting the vocabulary items, then we’ll present pictures and examples of some words in context. Cutlery Cutlery (also known as silverware or flatware) is defined as all kitchen utensils used at the table for eating and serving food. Cutlery … Read more

Glassware: List of 31 Best Everyday Drinking Glasses


Glassware! Glassware, the decorative article made of glass, often designed for everyday use. Here, we’ll provide a list of names of drinking glasses with examples and pictures. Glassware List of Drinking Glasses Armagnac glass Beer mug Champagne flute Cocktail glass Coffee cup Cognac balloon Collins glass Decanter Egg cup Highball glass Hurricane glass Irish Coffee … Read more

Kitchen Appliances: 30 Popular Devices & Appliances in the Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances! This is a useful lesson that talks about the different appliances that you can find in the kitchen. These kitchen appliances vocabulary words will be very useful in daily life. Kitchen Appliances List of Kitchen Appliances Air fryer Blender Bread maker Coffee grinder Coffee maker Deep fryer Dishwasher Electric bread slicer Electric kettle … Read more

Kitchenware: Top 100+ Essential Tools & Furniture in the Kitchen


Kitchenware! The kitchen is a part of the house. In the kitchen, there are many essential kitchen utensils, furniture, and appliances. Read this post to learn vocabulary words for items you find in the kitchen. Kitchenware Names of Kitchenware This is the list of names of kitchenware in English. Kitchen Utensils Plate Saucepan Wooden spoon Colander … Read more