Kitchen Utensils: 75 Useful Cooking Items Every Cook Should Have

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils! Here’s a great English vocabulary list about cooking and kitchen utensils. Many items play a decorative role in the kitchen. These include napkin, bowl, stove, mug, spoon, plate, salt cellar, and many more things. Kitchen Utensils Names of Kitchen Utensils Here is the list of some useful kitchen utensils and items. Apron Basting … Read more

Office Supplies: Glossary of 65 Useful Office Furniture that Every Office Needs

Office Supplies

Office supplies! If you are an office worker, knowing the terms for office supplies and furniture could be useful. This lesson will provide an overview of office supplies vocabulary in English. You can learn 65 vocabulary items for the things you usually find in an office. Office Supplies List of Office Furniture Rubber stamp Wastebasket Stapler Desk Pencil … Read more