Green Animals: 20 Amazing Green Animals in the World

Green animals most often use their coloration to blend into the greenery of their surroundings. The most notable green animals are tree frogs, leaf bugs, and the green tree python.

Green Animals

List of Green Animals

  • Grasshopper
  • Shining-green hummingbird
  • Tree python
  • Tree frog
  • Green stink bug
  • Green sweat bee
  • Green lizard
  • Green fish
  • Green crocodile
  • Green turtle
  • Luna moth
  • Green toad
  • Eclectus parrot
  • Green beetle
  • Green mantis
  • Leaf bird
  • Green snake
  • Green lacewing
  • Bush cricket
  • Green darner

Green Animals with Examples

  • The grasshopper was singing and dancing on the sunflower.
  • The shining-green hummingbird beats its wings at great speed.
  • A tongue or a mouse’s tail retracts within the lipless smile of a green tree python.
  • Tree frogs have suckers on their feet.
  • I think I’ve caught a green stink bug.
  • The green sweat bee is going from flower to flower.
  • A bright green lizard crept into the sun.
  • The best green fish swim near the bottom.
  • A green crocodile was lurking just below the surface.
  • Green turtles return to their natal island to breed.
  • These eggs belong to the pale green luna moth.
  • The green toad had changed its color to blend in with its new environment.
  • Eclectus parrot can sometimes make you embarrassed.
  • He saw a shiny green beetle on a leaf.
  • A green mantis catches a cicada, yellowbird behinds.
  • Each leaf bird likes to hear himself sing.
  • A small green snake slithered across the wet road.
  • Predacious natural enemies included ladybirds, green lacewings, predacious bugs, rove beetle, and spiders, but populations were low and lagged behind the population peaks of insect pests.
  • The bush cricket chirped faster and louder.
  • Green darner dragonflies (Anax Junius), migrate south from the northeastern United States every autumn; some travel as far as Florida.

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Animals by Color: Green Animals

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