Mollusks: Interesting List of 16 Commonly Found Marine Mollusca Animals


Mollusks! Mollusks are invertebrate animals that have a mantle – a body structure that excretes a shell or protective coating for the animal. In this post, we provide a list of some Mollusca animals that help you improve and expand your English vocabulary. Mollusks Mollusks are members of the invertebrate phylum Mollusca and contain more … Read more

Dog Breeds: 370 Best Breeds of Dogs You Probably Don’t Know

Dog Breeds

Dog breeds! For many owners, dogs are more than just a pet, they’re a part of the family. Picking the right dog breed for you is a difficult decision. You need to read up on all information about the dog before picking. And to help you do just that, we’ll show an interesting list of … Read more

Crustaceans: Useful List of 16 Names of Crustaceans in the World


Crustaceans! Crustaceans are the largest group of marine arthropods. In this lesson, you will learn a list of names of crustaceans in English with pictures and example sentences. Crustaceans Crustaceans are an extremely diverse group including animals such as crabs, lobsters, isopods, shrimp, and barnacles. Like all arthropods, they have a segmented body and segmented … Read more

Arthropods: 26 Popular Arthropods Found in Gardens & Field Crops


Arthropods! An arthropod is an invertebrate animal with jointed legs. Arthropods include many animals we come across in our gardens, such as bees, ant, spiders, centipedes, and butterflies. Arthropods Arthropods are invertebrates with jointed legs. Arthropods are divided into four major groups: insects myriapods arachnids crustaceans English Vocabulary for Arthropods Bee Ladybug (U.S)/ Ladybird (U.K) Butterfly Dragonfly Beetle … Read more

Cat Breeds: 50 Most Popular Breeds of Cats around the World

Cat Breeds

Cat breeds! Cats come in many different shapes and sizes. When it comes to choosing the right cat for you, knowing the various breeds (and their key traits) can be a big help. Cat Breeds Breeds of Cats Abyssinian Balinese Chartreux Devon Rex Somali Egyptian Mau Havana Japanese Bobtail Korat LaPerm Maine Coon Nebelung Ocicat … Read more