Garden Tools: List of 30 Gardening Tools | Useful Things in the Garden

Garden Tools

Garden tools – Below is the wonderful list of tools and equipment in the garden. This list is very helpful to enhance your English vocabulary. Garden Tools As well as you know, gardens are usually located around your houses. They are natural areas arranged with various flowers, trees, and garden accessories. List of Garden Tools This is … Read more

Furniture: 25 Excellent Words to Describe Your Furniture | List of Furniture

Furniture Vocabulary

Furniture – Here’s our list of the essential vocabulary you’ll need to talk about furniture in English. We’ve provided common items of furniture and things with example sentences and pictures. Furniture List of Furniture Bookcase Sofa Wardrobe Bed Cupboard Chair Table Door Chest of drawers/ Dresser Window Armchair Cabinet Desk Coffee table Dressing table Shelves … Read more

Tools and Equipment: 60 Items Illustrated | Best List of Tools & Equipment

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment – In this post, you can learn 60 English vocabulary items related to tools and equipment. There are names of common tools and equipment, example sentences, and photos. Tools and Equipment List of Tools & Equipment Hammer Spirit level Toolbox Pincers Nails Toolbelt Chipping hammer Paintbrush Coping saw Ruler Paint roller Wheelbarrow … Read more

Amphibians: 15 Common Names of Amphibians | Great List of Amphibians


Amphibians – In this post, we’ll explore the amphibian class. Below is the list of common names of amphibians with examples and pictures. Amphibians Amphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates (animals with backbones) that don’t have scales. They live part of their lives in water and part on land. They are a diverse and exciting class of animals … Read more

Reptiles: Helpful List of 27 Names of Reptiles in English


Reptiles are cold-blooded, which means that they rely on heat from their surroundings to warm up. Here, we’ll show a list of names of reptiles in English with pictures. This list will help you advance your English vocabulary for animals. Reptiles What are reptiles? Reptiles are a varied group of vertebrates that includes snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, turtles, … Read more