Animals that Start with F: 24 Popular Animals Starting with F

Animals that start with F! Are you searching for animals starting with F? This useful lesson provides a list of all the animals we have found beginning with the letter F with examples and infographic.

Animals that Start with F

List of Animals Starting with F

This is the list of animals starting with the letter F.

  • Falcon
  • Ferret
  • Fiddler Crab
  • Finch
  • Finnish Spitz
  • Fire Ant
  • Fire Salamander
  • Firecrest
  • Firefly
  • Fish
  • Fishing Cat
  • Flamingo
  • Flat-Coated Retriever
  • Flea
  • Fly
  • Flying Fox
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Fossa
  • Fox
  • Fox Terrier
  • Frigatebird
  • Frog
  • Frogmouth
  • Fulmar

Animals that Start with F Examples

  • The falcon spreads flightless wings and stalks among months of droppings.
  • The ferret can drink and will live a long time should it escape.
  • The fiddler crab provides an excellent example of positive allometry.
  • A zebra finch will not sing unless there is sufficient testosterone in its blood.
  • The Finnish Spitz presents a fox-like picture.
  • Healthy ecosystems, he says, are not as susceptible to fire ant invasions.
  • If you are a firefly, you have to believe in fate and wait.
  • Ronny caught three huge fish this afternoon.
  • This is the only species of flamingo in the region, easily recognized by its pink plumage.
  • I’ll put a flea in his ear if he bothers me once more.
  • There is a fly on her loose coil of hair.
  • The flying squirrel doesn’t actually fly but glides from tree to tree.
  • There is a big fox den on the back hill.
  • Also sharing the house, a fox terrier called Leo.
  • Are there any species of frog indigenous to the area?
  • The best animal in the world is the tawny frogmouth.
  • Gannets and fulmars appeared out of the mist, flew alongside for a few minutes, and disappeared again.

Animals Starting with F in English | Infographic

Names and Pictures of Animals that Start with F

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