Animals that Start with X: Wonderful Names of 10+ Animals Beginning with X

Animals that start with X! Are you looking for animals starting with X? In this article, we show a list of animals that start with the letter X in English with examples and infographic.

Animals that Start with X

List of Animals Beginning with X

  • X-Ray Tetra
  • Xantus
  • Xenarthra
  • Xenops
  • Xerus
  • Xenopoecilus
  • Xingu River Ray
  • Xolmis
  • Xantic Sargo
  • Xantus Murrelet
  • Xoloitzcuintli
  • Xantis

Examples of Animals that Start with X

  • X-Ray Tetra is a widely distributed and adaptable fish, found in the Amazon and Orinoco basins.
  • Xenarthra is a superorder of placental mammals found in the Americas.
  • Xenops is a genus in the bird family Furnariidae, the ovenbirds.
  • Xenopoecilus is a genus of small fish in the Adrianichthyidae family.
  • The Xingu River ray is a species of freshwater fish in the family Potamotrygonidae.
  • Xolmis contains the following seven species.
  • The Xoloitzcuintli is a hairless breed of dog, found in toy, miniature, and standard sizes.

Animals Starting with X | Infographic

Picture of Animals Beginning with X in English

Animals Starting with XPin

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  1. my personal favorite is the Xingu River Ray. He’s just so cool! I mean just wow! Isn’t he swell! not as swell as that time I melted my pinky finger off in a vat of lye I had made. Best Regards, Rusty


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