Types of Pets: 25 Different Types of Pets Could be Best for You

Types of pets! When it comes to the types of animals that can be kept as pets, there are many to choose from. Your pet choice should be based on what sort of animal suits your personality, work best with your lifestyle, and match your needs.

Types of Pets

There are many different types of pets that could be right for you and be a wonderful complement to your life.

Pet Animals

  • Dog
  • Spider
  • Chameleon
  • Puppy
  • Frog
  • Parrot
  • Turtle
  • Rabbit
  • Cat
  • Budgie
  • Kitten
  • Goldfish
  • Mouse
  • Hamster
  • Guinea pig
  • Ferret
  • Monkey
  • Pigeon
  • Squirrel
  • Gerbil
  • Ant
  • Hermit crab
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Lizard

Types of Pets with Examples

  • The dog was angry and bellicosely bristled up.
  • We watched a spider spin a web between three tall grass stems.
  • He was like a chameleon, she thought with wry admiration, able to adapt at will to any situation.
  • What a sweet puppy! Is it a he or a she?
  • The wicked fairy bewitched the prince and turned him into a frog.
  • He was sick as a parrot when his team lost the match.
  • If you turn over a turtle on its back, it will become helpless.
  • He waved his magic wand and a rabbit appeared.
  • The cat lay on the sofa, washing.
  • She stays at home with her budgie, her partner, and her two surviving children.
  • The kitten was black with white front paws and a white splotch on her chest.
  • Puzzled eyes and gawping mouth behind a window like a goldfish.
  • She squalled when she saw a mouse.
  • When I took the hamster out of his cage, he nipped me.
  • They use prison as guinea pigs to test drugs.
  • They caught the monkey, but it was so savage that no one could get near enough to feed it.
  • There was a red mark where the pigeon had pecked her hand.
  • The red squirrel has become virtually extinct in most of the country.
  • The gerbil is a playful little animal with big whiskers and a huge tail.
  • There are stories about the ant and a black widow spider.
  • Anyone who has tried to remove a hermit crab from its shell will know how tenacious these creatures can be.
  • They kept whiskey to antidote themselves against a snake bike.
  • It is too late to lock the stable door when the horse is stolen.
  • The lizard can outsmart predators by leaving its tail behind to confuse them.
  • Wait until a ferret fitted with a transmitter has taken up a fixed position down a burrow.

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Types of Pets Could be Best for You

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