Madagascar Animals: Best List of 25+ Animals only Found in Madagascar

Madagascar animals! What animals can you see in Madagascar? Here, we show a list of some unique animals that are found only in Madagascar.

Madagascar Animals

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean and around ninety percent of all the animals which live on the island are found only there and nowhere else in the world (endemic). As such it has a fascinating range of unique animals.

Fossas are a carnivore that is similar to a cat and endemic to Madagascar. They resemble a small cougar and are found only in forest areas of the island. They eat lemurs (a small primate that is endemic to the island), rodents, lizards, and birds.

The lemur is a primate that is also found only in Madagascar and is the smallest primate in the world. There are many sub-species or types of lemurs living on the island.

There are forty-six different species of bats that are found only in Madagascar, as well as Madagascan pochards which are the rarest duck in the world, giraffe weevils, blue coua, panther chameleons, tomato frogs, and many many more.

List of Madagascar Animals

  • Fossa
  • Lemur
  • Bat
  • Madagascan pochard
  • Giraffe weevil
  • Blue coua
  • Panther chameleon
  • Tomato frog
  • Madagascar fody
  • Tenrec
  • Madagascan pygmy shrew
  • Aye-aye
  • Boa
  • Painted Mantella
  • Subantarctic fur seal
  • Madagascar hissing cockroach
  • Comet moth
  • Barn owl
  • Madagascan owl
  • Giant day gecko
  • Rockhopper penguin
  • Radiated tortoise

Types of Lemurs of Madagascar

There are many types of lemurs living on the island.

  • Sifaka lemur
  • Common brown lemur
  • Gray mouse lemur
  • Crowned lemur
  • Black & white ruffed lemur
  • Ring-tailed lemur
  • Red ruffed lemur

Endangered Species in Madagascar

The following list provides some endangered species in Madagascar.

  • Blue-Eyed Black Lemur
  • Flat-Tailed Spider Tortoise
  • Greater Bamboo Lemur
  • Indri
  • Madagascar sea-eagle

Madagascar Animals with Examples

  • There is also another species of ruffed lemur that is similar to the red ruffed lemur; the black-and-white ruffed lemur.
  • Some species of fruit bat also sip nectar when it is available.
  • The Aye-Aye is a native of eastern Madagascar. It is the only mammal known to use echolocation.
  • It is one of the wilder places on earth and contains rainforest and boa constrictors.
  • Wildlife officer Malcolm Ingham with two-year-old barn owl Zuky, a permanent resident at the Wirral park.
  • Housed next to the ruffed lemurs is a common brown lemur, and next to it a sifaka named Drusilla with her new infant.
  • Black and white ruffed lemur clings to a branch at the Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary near Plettenberg Bay on South Africa’s scenic Garden Route on September 30, 2007.
  • Madagascar ring-tailed lemur, here gnawing a non-native cactus, ably carries pollen for native plants on its muzzle and hands.
  • Like so many other mammals, insects, trees, plants, and reptiles, the Indri indri is unique to Madagascar.

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