Vertebrates: Wonderful List of 340+ Vertebrates around the World

Vertebrates! Vertebrates such as mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, all have backbones that support their bodies and protect their inner organs.


The animal kingdom can be split into two main groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates such as mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, all share a vertebral column or a chain of bony elements that run along the dorsal surface from head to tail and form the main skeletal axis of the body.


Aardvark Cat Chipmunk
Agouti Antelope Blue whale
Alpaca Arctic fox Bobcat
Anteater Arctic wolf Bongo
Baboon Armadillo Bonobo
Bactrian camel Beluga whale Bowhead whale
Badger Bighorn sheep Brown bear
Bandicoot Bilby Buffalo
Bat Binturong Bull
Bear Bison Bushbaby
Beaver Black bear Coati
Black bear hamster Cheetah Collared peccary
Camel Chimpanzee Colugo
Capybara Chinchilla Cougar
Caracal Civet Cow
Caribou Dog Coyote
Dall sheep Dolphin Coypu
Dall’s porpoise Donkey Eland
Dalmatian Dromedary Elephant
Deer Dugong Elephant seal
Dhole Echidna Elk
Dingo Gazelle Ermine
Fin whale Gerbil Fennec fox
Flying squirrel Gibbon Ferret
Fossa Giraffe Gopher
Fox Gnu Gorilla
Fruit bat Goat Gray whale
Harp seal Guanaco Grizzly bear
Hedgehog Hyena Groundhog
Hippo Hyrax Guinea pig
Horse Ibex Hamster
Howler monkey Impala Hare
Humpback whale Jackal Javelina
Lemming Jaguar Kangaroo
Lemur Loris Kangaroo rat
Leopard Lynx Karakul
Lion Macaque Killer whale
Llama Manatee Kinkajou
Longhorn Mandrill Koala
Monkey Nutria Kudu
Moose Onager Marmoset
Mouse Opossum Marmot
Muskrat Orangutan Meerkat
Narwhal Orca Mole
Numbat Oryx Musk ox
Ocelot Otter Ox
Okapi Porcupine Rat
Panda Puma Red panda
Pangolin Quokka Reindeer
Panther Quoll Rhinoceros
Pig Rabbit Sea otter
Pika Raccoon Seal
Polar bear Spectacled Bear Sheep
Skunk Walrus Siamang
Snow leopard Warthog Sloth
Squirrel Weasel Tamandua
Tamarin Whale Wildebeest
Tiger Wolf Yak
Vicuna Wombat Zebra
Wallaby Woodchuck

Common Names of Mammals with Picture


English Vocabulary for Mammals


Names of Mammals in English



Angler Anchovy Bullhead
Bass Barracuda Butterflyfish
Betta Carp Chinook
Blue tang Catfish Cobia
Bluefish Chum Coho
Bream Climbing perch Flounder
Cod Clownfish Herring
Dolphin Eel Lionfish
Goldfish Grey mullet Plaice
Haddock Kissing fish Puffer
Mackerel Marlin Shark
Perch Ray Steelhead
Pike Salmon Stingray
Piranha Sockeye Sturgeon
Sawfish Trout Sunfish
Snapper Tuna Tarpon
Swordfish Whale

Different Fish Species around the World

Types of FishPin

Different Types of Fish in English

Types of FishPin


Cormorant Bulbul Avocet
Crane Canary Bald eagle
Crow Cardinal Bluebird
Dove Chickadee Bullfinch
Duck Cockatoo Condor
Eagle Cuckoo Crossbill
Hen Finch Emu
Hummingbird Flamingo Falcon
Kingfisher Frigatebird Gull
Magpie Goldfinch Hoopoe
Nightingale Goose Junco
Ostrich Hawk Kite
Parrot Heron Kiwi
Peacock Hornbill Koyal
Pelican Ibis Lapwing
Penguin Jay Lovebird
Pigeon Macaw Mallard
Quail Mynah Mockingbird
Raven Owl Night hawk
Rooster Partridge Peahen
Seagull Robin Pheasant
Sparrow Sandpiper Puffin
Swallow Skylark Spoonbill
Swan Starling Swift
Turkey Stork Tern
Vulture Toucan Wren
Woodpecker Wagtail

Common Names of Bird Species

Types of BirdsPin

Great List of Types of Birds

Types of BirdsPin


Turtle Cobra Caiman
Skink Python Gharial
Crocodile Taipan Copperhead
Tortoise Rattlesnake Whipsnake
Snake Adder Kingsnake
Lizard Boa Cottonmouth
Chameleon Iguana Mamba
Gecko Green anole Tuatara
Alligator Gila monster Viper

Names of Reptiles in English



Frog Tree frog Poison frog
Tadpole Wood frog Siren
Toad Bullfrog Hyla
Salamander Caecilian Racophorus
Newt Mudpuppy Mole salamander

Common Names of Amphibians


Vertebrates | Examples

  • A small bullfrog that doesn’t watch its step can easily become food for a bigger frog.
  • If an attacker persists, the mamba will strike not once, but repeatedly, injecting large amounts of potent neuro- and cardiotoxin with each strike.
  • A child was feeding the peahen in the zoo.
  • The results also suggested beaked whales and bowhead whales had a relatively closer affinity.
  • The desert hour when the dromedary becomes a thousand dromedaries snickering in the sky.
  • This suggests that muskrat may be used as a substitute for musk.
  • Everybody needs vitamin D, which can be found in foods like sockeye salmon, eggs, and milk.
  • The catch included resident rainbow trout, juvenile chinook, salmon, bull trout, coho salmon, steelhead, and sculpin.

Vertebrates | Infographic

Vertebrate Animals around the World


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