Hybrid Animals: 24 Wonderful Hybrid Animals that Actually Exist

Hybrid animals! Hybrid, offspring of parents that differ in genetically determined traits. The parents may be of different species, genera, or (rarely) families. Below is the list of 24 unusual hybrid animals that you didn’t know existed.

Hybrid Animals

To get a hybrid animal, two animals from different species but from the same genus must be crossed. The resulting animal will be a hybrid.

Hybrid Animals Vocabulary

  • Liger
    ( Male Lion + Female Tiger)
  • Żubroń
    (Cow + European Bison)
  • Tigon
    (Male Tiger + Female Lion)
  • Mulard
    (Mallard + Muscovy Duck)
  • Zonkey
    (Zebra + Donkey)
  • Leopon
    (Male Leopard + Female Lion)
  • Jaglion
    (Male Jaguar + Female Lion)
  • Dzo
    (Cow + Wild Yak)
  • Geep
    (Goat + Sheep)
  • Cama
    (Camel + Llama)
  • Grolar Bear
    (Polar Bear + Brown Bear)
  • Narluga
    (Narwhal + Beluga)
  • Coywolf
    (Coyote +Wolf)
  • Hinny
    (Female Donkey + Male Horse)
  • Zebroid
    (Zebra + Any Other Equine)
  • Beefalo
    (Buffalo + Cow)
  • Savannah Cat
    (Domestic Cat + Serval)
  • Wholphin
    (Male False Killer Whale + Female Bottlenose Dolphin)
  • Mule
    (Male Donkey + Female Horse)
  • Wolfdog
    (Gray Wolf + Dog)
  • Iron Age Pig
    (Wild boar + Domestic Pig)
  • Yakalo
    (Yak + American Bison)
  • Pumapard
    (Puma + Leopard)
  • Bengal Cat
    (Domesticated Cat + Asian Leopard)

Hybrid Animals Examples

  • This liger is the product of bizarre breeding. They do not exist in the wild.
  • A similar hybrid, the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion is called a tigon.
  • Dzo bells lulled us to sleep and then woke us to a clear and sunny morning.
  • Offspring of a donkey sire and zebra mare called a zebra hinny, do exist but are rare.
  • The zebroid showed in the picture above, Eclyse, is a very unusual one, because of her coloring.
  • The beefalo, a hybrid animal that produces red meat lower in fat and cholesterol than beef.
  • The young as-yet-unnamed wholphin is one-fourth of the false killer whales and three-fourths of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.
  • mule is the product of a horse crossed with a donkey.

Hybrid Animals Infographic

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