Echinoderms: 8 Beautiful Types of Echinoderms You Probably Don’t Know

Echinoderms! Echinoderms are invertebrate animals that have pentaradial symmetry, a spiny skin, a water vascular system, and a simple nervous system.


The echinoderms are a group of animals that includes starfish, urchins, feather stars, and sea cucumbers. They are simple animals, lacking a brain and complex sensing organs.

They have pentaradial symmetry and a calcareous endoskeleton that may possess pigment cells that give them a wide range of colors, as well as cells that possess toxins.

Echinoderms Vocabulary

  • Starfish
  • Brittle Star
  • Sea Urchin
  • Sand Dollar
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Crinoid
  • Ophiura Ophiura (Serpent Star)
  • Sea Lily (Feather Star)

Echinoderms Examples

  • He could still remember it, a picture of a house and a tree and a sun with rays like a starfish.
  • The sponge brittle star lives within or near sponges and soft corals in the ocean.
  • An orthodontist’s dream, an Atlantic wolffish displays the hardware it uses to crush mollusksshellfish, and sea urchins.
  • She pulled out a perfect sand dollar she found on a California beach.
  • If you pick up a sea cucumber, do so with care, for they have an extravagant way of defending themselves.
  • Crinoids are brought up in trawls from the deep sea several thousand at a time.
  • Ophiura ophiura or the serpent star is a species of a brittle star in the order Ophiurida.
  • The sea lily is an order of marine animals referred to as crinoids.
  • Feather stars are unstalked crinoids that live in both shallow water and the depths of the ocean.
  • Starfish contains different types of bioactive materials, such as proteins, enzymes, steroidal glycosides, gangliosides, alkaloids, etc.
  • Results show that the sea cucumber polysaccharide contains SO42-, and is a kind of mucositis sulfate.
  • sea urchin is nestled in a coral formation off Bonaire Island.

Echinoderms Infographic


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