Florida Wildlife: List of 20 Animals That Live In Florida with Interesting Facts

Florida Wildlife

Florida wildlife! From the rare and elusive Florida panther to gentle giants such as manatees, there is an abundance of wild and wonderful animals across the state of Florida. It has a rich and diverse landscape, with a wide variety of habitats. Between the popular tropical coastline and the uniqueness of the Florida Everglades, and … Read more

Japanese Animals: 30+ Adorable Japanese Animals You Might not Ever See

Japanese Animals

Japanese animals! In this article, we’ll learn the helpful lists of 27 common animals and 9 endangered animals in Japan. Japanese Animals Japan is another place that has many animals which are not found anywhere else in the world and one of the most well-known is the Japanese macaque which is the most northerly monkey … Read more

American Animals: Wonderful List 17 Animals Found in America

American Animals

American animals – In the lesson, we provide a useful list of common names of animals found only in America. This list will help you enhance your English vocabulary for animals. American Animals Like Asia, America has a wide range of different habitats available for animals to live in – including deserts, grasslands, mountains, and … Read more