Furniture: 25 Excellent Words to Describe Your Furniture | List of Furniture

Furniture Vocabulary

Furniture – Here’s our list of the essential vocabulary you’ll need to talk about furniture in English. We’ve provided common items of furniture and things with example sentences and pictures. Furniture List of Furniture Bookcase Sofa Wardrobe Bed Cupboard Chair Table Door Chest of drawers/ Dresser Window Armchair Cabinet Desk Coffee table Dressing table Shelves … Read more

Kitchen Furniture: 10 Best Kitchen Tools and Furniture

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture – Here is the list of tools and furniture found in domestic kitchens. Read on to explore more kitchen furniture vocabulary with examples and pictures. Kitchen Furniture List of Furniture for Kitchen Breakfast bar Cabinet Chair Countertop Cupboard Drawers Shelf Sink Stool Table Kitchen Tools & Furniture | Examples & Photos Breakfast bar … Read more